Good and Evil


Sheikh Mohammad !W. Al-Sha'rawl

Sender Name

Nouran Radwan

Note About the book  

Before we can properly discuss good and evil, it is first necessary to define what good is and what evil is because many people are mistaken in their understanding of them. Good is in reality what takes you successfully to a goal beyond which there is no "after". Man is born in this world and then perhaps grows up and obtains primary, preparatory and secondary certificates and then graduates from university. Then he obtains his Master's decree or doctorate and lives his life in this world until he dies. After that, he is resurrected. If he was righteous, he enters the Garden. This is Eternal Bliss after which there' is nothing else; there is nothing "after" the Garden. So the goal of life is to reach the bliss of the Garden. You only' gain this goal when what you want coincides with Allah's Guidance. Then you gain the true good apart from which there really is no other good.