Gossip means people who like talking about other people private lives and incidents including unkind or untrue remarks or idle talk about others and it may be slander.

Gossip Causes

§  People, who feel they aren't accomplisher in their own lives, find gossip as a way to stop thinking.

§  People have spare time and they don't know how to use it in a benefit way.

§  People are not aware about its bad effect on society.

§  Some people don't think about others.

Gossip Disadvantages

1.    It causes hate, problems between people, harm and pain to others.

2.    It damages the person reputation

3.    It decreases morale and waste time.

Religious Opinion

Judaism: Gossip is a sin even if what is stated is true.

Christianity: Find guilty and equals it to murder.

Islam: Prohibit both speaking and listening to gossip. It equals backbiting to eating flesh of one's dead brother.  While Untrue remarks about people is a major sin.

How to get rid of negative Gossip?

§  Increase people aware about religious opinion and its prohibition.

§  Increase people aware about its bad effect on other people and society.

§  People spend their leisure in useful things such as reading books, practicing sports, discussing useful subjects.


" People with Extraordinary minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with simple minds talk about other people "

By Nouran Radwan




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