When human weeps tears of sorrow,

Allah SWT provides life to their soul.

When one rejoices not in success of the hereafter,

They stray a step further from ultimate bliss,

The devil sophisticately conjures a subtle swift in the sacred frontier of the paradigm.

Charting its course to delusion, sorrow and loss.......


One who cares not of the ending,

Lives a life short changed of blessings beyond imagination.

Gaining only eternal agony, torture and anguish that no flesh could bear.

Frightening doesn't begin to shed light on the ordeal of the eternal sorrow.


Benevolent are seeds sowed for eternal harvest.

A path of rightness above self; Yes, perhaps a 100 years of toil, of preserving, working and dedication.

The course thru hard cold nights, poverty, loss, grief and unrelenting distraction even challenges that break the souls.

Delusion and continuous episodes of being swayed


At the crack of dawn or the mid night silence, salvage is desired from Allah SWT thru prayer and patience. The antidote of this course we travel and the protection shield from Allah SWT.


The thoughts of the pleasure of eternal bliss, unlimited fulfillment of all that may be possible to be desired and beyond the conceivable mind and the sight of our current state.


If not abundance that is overwhelming... a 100 years in exchange for Eternal Ecstacy, state of unconceivable bliss.... 


Often wake now in our mind, but reality will prevail. Let's continue to restrain from succumbing; strive to taste the eternal bliss. Delay fulfilling our caprice to taste eternal gratification. Let us not succum to our non halal (permissible) desires at the price of eternal ecstasy.


By Qudsiyah Abdul Rahman


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