When raindrops join teardrops


 On your cheeks


And run together to reach your heart


To open the gates for a beautiful prayer


With a sincere belief that Allah will respond


This is Hope


When you do, something and you feel very ashamed


That Allah is watching


Yet instead of killing yourself by the rope of guilt


You just put your forehead on the ground


And ask for forgiveness


With a true belief that your creator's mercy


Is greater than your fault


This is Hope


When you wake up in the morning


And you find that every single creature on earth


Is alive


And your heart is dying from sadness and frustration


And your body is very weak


Yet you keep writing plans and promises to Allah


That you will keep purifying your soul


To fit for his beautiful heaven


With a true vision of the peace & beauty


That you will have one day underneath the thrown


In the higher paradise


This is Hope




 For those


Who are always waiting


For the joy that will follow pain


And for those


Who are sure of the gifts


That will come after hard tests


And for those


Who are planting seeds of love


In spite of all the hatred around them


And for those


Who keep reading Quran Everyday


To come out of the darkness of ignorance


To the light of knowledge


And for those


 Who believed and still believe


That even when lost in the desert of life




Will save them somehow sometime


And show them the road back to Eden


For all of you


Please keep feeding the flower of Hope




This is the only Hope



By Soumaya Mahmoud


 4th rabee awal 1431


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