Values are


Precious stones in the crown of the mind


In the heart of the crown


The Ruby talks of




A mind vivid by knowledge


Rich by dreams & hope


Sheltering the heart & soul by


Nobel decisions


All over the crown


The Emeralds talk of




A tranquil mind full of love & peace


Inspiring calm & clear assurance


Protecting the heart & soul by


Harmony & patience


On the top of the crown


Pearls talk of




A Pure mind full of innocence


Faith, charity & honesty


Guiding the heart & soul into


Spiritual growth


Around the heart of the crown


Amber & Diamonds & Sapphire


The Amber talks of




A mind that can remove self-obstacles


Diagnose mental games


And enlightens the heart & soul by




The Diamonds talk of




A sharp mind that knows rights


Plans straight path


And secures the heart & soul


By murdering confusions


The Sapphire talks of




A mind stable with clear belief


Sure of the importance of his mission


Aware of the divine destiny in life


Fulfilling the heart & soul


By the beauty of


Sincerity, truth & faithfulness 


The body of the crown is Silver




Mirror the soul


Energizes the precious stones


Moves the anger of the oceans


From the shores of the self


Into the integrity & stability


Of the flowing rivers of the heart & soul




For those who wish to live in balance


Open your eyes to the beauty of the mission


On the way back to Eden


Suffering will be there while trying to find


The road


The body & stones of your crown


Are your found & lost treasures


They are there in the mines of your mind


Your soul & heart are longing for their existence


Yet the search is exhaustive


More exhaustive actually


Is how to keep a precious stone?




For those who believe that they were created


To be leaders not followers


Be sure you can keep your stones


You can guide humanity to its best


You can take others hands to the way of


Healing, hope & happiness


For those who believe in Allah


Be sure of your selves


As long as you follow the light


Allah will guide you


Allah will help you


All through your journey


To find and keep your values


To be able one day to wear the crown


On earth




In the garden of Allah


By Soumaya Mahmoud

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