Love is


A treasure that takes lifetime to discover its place


Finally, you find it in your own heart




It is something that you give before you take





Love is


A word that you work hard to pronounce


At last, you discover it is a meaning


That no letters fit for




Only hearts are the dictionaries that have it


And hearts accept more actions than sayings



Love is


A special flower that you keep searching for in


All the gardens of planet earth


One morning you stop the search




It only blossoms in gardens of the souls



Love is


A story that you try to write all across the road back to




Finally, the message comes that you cannot




Love is a lifelong voyage


A lifetime of understanding


 A continuum


A belief that is never shaken or lost


A light that comes from above


A gift


That nurtures souls and hearts


Only those who can stay awake praying at night


Are able to capture the heaven's light


That treasures love


Only those with sincere hearts


Are ready to accept the great word of love


That gathers humanity in one great big heart


No God but Allah


Muhammad is the messenger of Allah


The beautiful word of love


That flows in the souls and hearts


The word that all souls witnessed in heaven


Long ago before, we come to earth


"Allah is our lord"


Never deceive your mind


Open your heart to the real promise of love


Where total protection and peace exist


No God but Allah



Muhammad is the messenger of Allah




By Soumaya Mahmoud


2nd Rabee awal 1431

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