Whispers of the Soul_Tranquility



When you find yourself standing

Alone in the frontline of fire


Your heartbeats are calm & quiescent

Your spirit is not shaking from oppositions

You are sure that you are on the right track

Sure that your belief will save minds from confusions


This is tranquility


When voices are loud and anger is all around

Everybody is fighting for their own selves



You are the only one who is proceeding in his path

With a clear vision

That what is yours you will have

What is not yours will never catch


And that

All what you have to do is work sincerely

For the best of humanity

And the pleasure of Allah


This is tranquility


 When you see your heart in the mirror of your soul

And your face twinkles with the light of belief



In spite of all the people's anticipations

And the fear that they professionally live in

Your faith makes you feel secure

And still when you put your head on the ground

This makes you feel stable & protected


This is tranquility


Being tranquil is a spiritual experience

That touches the souls & hearts

Strengthens the bodies

And secures the minds

With tranquility

Everything is clear and right

Colors are green or white

Visions are strong


Full of insight

With tranquility there is


No fear

No hunger

No deprivation


There is only an unshaken belief

That no matter what

You are safe & secure

In the secure hands of Allah

With tranquility, you can hear the message confirmed


Every time you think, you are alone

Do not be sad

Allah is there for you



By Soumaya Mahmoud

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  • Nouran       Great Work

    Being tranquil is a spiritual experience That touches the souls & hearts.

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