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In this article we will discuss the reason that made a non Muslim become a Muslim. We will see the story of Colonel Richard Fairley, a British officer and President of the Association of Muslim Police Officers in Britain - who is visiting Saudi Arabia, currently heading a delegation comprising a number of officers of the Assembly, according to the newspaper ‘Okaz’ Saudi Arabia.


You may be surprised to know that the main reason that make the officer converted to Islam was due to one verse of the Qur'an which is "And the mountains as pegs"


He realized that this verse which was revealed more than fourteen hundred years ago explained the realities of scientific knowledge that science has established only in recent times.


Richard Fairley tells the story of his conversion to Islam, saying that curiosity led him to know the Islamic religion and that lead him to get a copy of the Holy Quran translated into English, here he read the verse which says: " And the mountains as pegs" [Surah 78: Verse 7]


After recognizing and understanding the meaning of this verse and the relation between its meaning and what he had studied as a specialist in geology, he reached to a conclusion that Islam is a religion of guidance and it is the right religion.

The above verse means that the mountains are rooted in the depths of the earth, which modern science has established to be a fact, with this in mind he comments, "No book can discover this fact 1400 years ago, except that there was a divine power behind it without a doubt."

The discovery of this scientific fact made Richard Fairley dive further into the depths of the holy Qur'an. To the extent that he read carefully a chapter of the Qur'an every night, until he discovered a number of scientific facts lined the road in front of him.


As a result Colonel Fairley reached to the good feeling of FAITH, by reading the Qur'an and speaking to Allah (God) through the Qur'an and finally he took the decision of converting Islam


 In 2000 Colonel Richard Fairley established the Association of Muslims British officers to organize the affairs of 2000 Muslim officers working in 34 provinces across several British security services that specialized in research and investigation.

Colonel Richard is very proud of being able to deliver the voice of Muslim officers in Britain for the decision-makers in the Home Office

and the British government, which resulted in allowing the female Muslim officers to wear the Islamic headscarf and the allocation of prayer rooms for them, eating breakfast at the specified time in the month of Ramadan, being able to perform the Eid prayer and authorized the day as an official holiday.

Follow us to know the next character that converted to Islam.



By Fatma Dawood







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