Little Star



In a dark night a little star was born. It was the youngest star in the blue sky. The little star was pretty and bright. All stars were happy. Her mother and sisters pampered her all the time.

When she became little older, she noticed the full moon. She admired its wonderful shape. Then she became sad, as she wanted to be a moon. Her sisters laughed at her when they knew that she wanted to be a moon.

She went to her mother and told her that she wanted to be a moon. Her mother asked her why she wanted to be a moon. The star told her mother that the moon lighted the world. Therefore, it benefited the people more than stars. The mother told her to think on this problem until the end of the month and then decided if she wanted to be a moon or not.

The days passed and the little star became older. She looked to the moon every day. She noticed that the moon was getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. The little star looked everywhere for the moon but she did not find it.

The little star went to her mother and asked her where the moon was. Her mother told her to look to the people if there was something to light to them. The little star said that the light of stars illuminated to the people. Then the little star recognized what mother wanted to said. She knew that each thing god created had a role in life.

She did not want to be a moon again.

The End

Please, I am waiting for your feedback.

By Nouran Radwan


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  • Nermeen       Each thing god created had a role in life

    so wonderful story, well done Nouran
  • Saleh Sayed       Thanks Nouran

    Thanks for Nouran, good story, If every body knows his role in the life it will be a heaven in the land,but this the life and those are the people untill the end of the life, they go and go until they become tired and finally but late every body start to recognize his duties, some of the regret, other seem to be satisfy, but a lot of them sad and may be hurry to correct way.

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