Adam’s Kite



I am an old colored kite placed in a wardrobe. When I was young my colors was bright and I could fly to anywhere. Now my colors became dim; also, I could not fly any more. Nevertheless, my memories with my friend Adam made me a life. I remembered the first day I saw him when he was a young boy.

In one day while I was flying, I saw a paralyzed child who was watching children. They were running and playing. I saw tears in his eyes. Then I recognized that he wanted to play as children did.

I thought how can i help him. I went down to the boy. Then we started talking to each other. He told me that his name was Adam. I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me that he dreamed to see the world. I decided to achieve his dream.

I told him to hold my thread and I would fly. We flied to see the whole world. We saw the sphinx and pyramids in Egypt, Big- Ben clock in London and Evil tower in France. We saw cities, countries, buildings, rivers and gardens. We had made wonderful travels.

The years passed. We became aged. We stopped to fly but we did not stop to be friends. We remembered our voyages. We talked and laughed.

Do you think that I made a favor to Adam? No, it is not true. If I did not know Adam, I would not know the true friendship.

The End

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Author : Nouran Radwan

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  • Ahmed Abd El-Aziz       HR & Training Coordinator - Movenpick Nile Cruise

    Frindship is a love story ... and the more you love , the more you success.
  • soraida       The Idea

    I liked the idea behind it.


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