The Red Balloon


In the world of toys, there are dolls, cars, balloons and many other things. In Adam's room there were a lot of toys. Also there was a basket full of colored balloons. There was green, yellow, violet, Pink and orange balloon.

One of these balloons was a very large red balloon. She was the largest balloon in the basket. The red balloon was proud of its big size. She didn't want to talk with any other balloons. She felt that she was better than any of these balloons.

The other balloons told her that there was large. But they became small as time gone and she would be small too as she became older. The red balloon didn't believe them. She accused them with jealous because Adam play with her only.

Adam played with these all balloons in a period of time. But when it came small, he put it in the basket to memorize him of childhood and his memories with this balloon.

As time gone the red balloon became smaller and smaller. One day Adam's mother give him a big blue balloon. It was larger than the red one. So Adam played with the new balloon. He didn't play with red balloon again.

The red balloon became jealous and angry. Then she tried to make herself larger till it burst. Adam felt sad because the balloon was burst. Therefore he couldn't keep it in the basket with the other balloons. So he couldn't remember his memories with the red balloon.

The End
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Author: Nouran Radwan

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  • lynni25e       The Red Balloon

    I like it.. I dont know if this is your point or not, but i like the way you made one stop and recall all the memories of the broken past. I enjoy it..
  • dandy       Nice

    Nice story with a message.

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