My Therapist



She whispered


Why are you so tranquil? Why you look so content?


 Do you never fear? Is pain far from your heart?


 I whispered with a smile


No one can ever be free of fear; no one can escape from pain


However, I have secret


I go to a therapist


She looked with doubt


You go to a therapist


I thought you are a therapist


Tell me about your therapist


I whispered


My therapist is there for me when I need him


He is the most merciful, kind and generous


He never took a penny from me


He listens with sympathy


He does not have a secretary


I just knock on his doors and he replies simply


No special protocols to reach him or to meet him


No special language to talk to him


I do not even have to speak aloud


I just whisper or close my eyes and let my soul flow to his thrown


To him I open my heart freely and confide


He accepts me the way I am


Never board of me when I am afraid


Never tight when I am ill or in pain


Never rejecting when I complain


He understands my weaknesses and agonies


He is always there without appointments


He can hear me and all my brothers and sisters


He feeds us all even those who do not believe in him


He forgives us when we go back to him for forgiveness


He is generous even when I do not fulfill my promises


He is loving and caring of all humans


He heals hearts by love, forgiveness and charity


His therapy is based on the beauty of giving


He loves more those who are kind and loving


He helps more those who are patient and forgiving


You never go to his clinic and he fails you


No one went to him for therapy and was not healed


He is the best and the only therapist


Cause he is the creator


The most merciful the most gracious


The most giving the most patient


The most kind


He is




So when you are afraid or your soul is imprisoned in pain


   Open your heart


And go to the right and best therapist


And remember


Only those who can read with their hearts not their eyes


Will understand that


Tears are not mere water and words are not just letters


Tears & words are whispers of souls



By Soumaya Mahmoud




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