What is Islam?




In the name of Allah, The most merciful the most gracious

The cherisher & the sustainer of the worlds

The master of the Day of Judgment

Praise to almighty Allah

For blessing us with Islam

We worship him


We ask for his aid to find the straight path

The path of those who will be back to the eternal home " Eden " close to Allah

Where tranquility, joy and happiness exist

I hereby witness that no god but Allah


Muhammad is the messenger of Allah


Dear brothers & sisters


Al-Salam alikom "may peace be upon you all", Hereby are some very useful information about Islam for those who would wish to learn about this beautiful religion we were blessed by believing in.  


Islam means peace among mankind and submission to the will of Allah the creator. Islam also means peace between man and himself on one hand and between him/herself and others on the other hand as well as piety to Almighty Allah.


These meanings are all grouped in the Holy Qur'an where the individual can learn how to be good for others and purify him or herself by applying its teachings.


Prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him" is the last messenger but not the only messenger of Allah.


Muslims believe in all previous prophets and messengers "Abraham, Moses & Jesus…and all others".


Muslims also believe that Allah has sent all prophets in the previous times to guide mankind to fulfill Allah's will and live happily till we go back to Eden where our real eternal life and home land exist.


Qur'an is the wholly scripture which enfolds the true teachings of all the wholly scriptures.


Islam teaches all Muslims to believe in one God "Allah", his angels, his books, all prophets, resurrection after death, and the Day of Judgment.

All Muslims pray to the only one God "Allah" who is the Almighty, the All-knowing, the All-just and the All-helping to the entire humanity. He has never given birth nor was he born. He is the light of the earth and the heavens. He is the most gracious, the most merciful, the First, the last, and the Eternal.


The principles of Islam:


The following are the five pillars or the five principal duties to be carried out by each Muslim


1.  Witnessing that there is no God but Allah & Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

2. Praying five prayers a day to relate to Almighty Allah and purify our souls and bodies and heal our hearts by the unity of all brothers & sisters, rich & poor  during prayers

3. Fasting the month of Ramadan to ameliorate body and soul; it is a remedy for bodies, refinement of feelings for the sake of attaining a better interaction with people, animals and plants, and to teach people patience and to strengthen their will

4. Zakat which is the duty of the rich to pay a small amount of their money to the poor; Allah made it a duty that the rich would share 2.5% of their money every lunar year provided that their capital or properties be more than what equals 85gm of 21 kt gold. So one do not share his money or pay his zakat except if he had in the bank  for a whole year what equals 85 gm of 21 kt gold which means something that is saved and you didn't need if it remained for a whole year without use you share 2.5% of it with the poor. And it is a duty; the poor doesn't have to beg  for it you look for him and give it him. So we also all sense that we are brothers and sisters in humanity and we care for each other and no one is lost ever as long as we obey Allah 

5.  Pilgrimage to Mecca, every Muslim should do pilgrimage if availability of wealth and health existed. Once in his life is the basic trip. The reason of pilgrimage is not worshiping the Kaaba "the black stone" as non-Muslims think; the reason of pilgrimage is to unify hearts and direction of prayers. Allah chose Mecca to be the sacred city where he puts his scared symbol Al-Kaaba so that all hearts take the same direction and experience unity of the belief and the closure of souls and bodies and the humble feelings of being all there rich and poor men wearing white simple cloths and women wearing modest robs. No one is better than the other except by sincerity and truth of belief. Besides, pilgrims from everywhere have the chance to meet each other and strengthen their intimate and mutual relationship.




Translated book of Muhammad tawfik a member of conveying message of Islam society.


By Soumaya Mahmoud

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