In Eden





In Eden


No one lies or hate


No one cheats or steal


No one hurts feelings or takes rights of others


In Eden


No loneliness or nostalgia


No sadness or pain


No arrogance or narcissism


No poverty or richness


In Eden


Minds are tranquil


Hearts are pure


Souls are happy


Bodies are healthy


In Eden


Security is eternal


Loyalty is immortal


Everybody is beautiful


Everything is delightful


In Eden


People are Lovely, generous & kind


Children are joyful & polite

Gardens are calm & clean


Roses are colorful & bright


In Eden


It is going to be different




Eden is the land of peace


Where souls first witnessed that


No god but Allah


And Eden is the land of the first oath


The home our hearts long deeply for


And Eden is


Is what no eyes saw


Or crossed the minds of man





You put your head on the ground




You surrender to Almighty Allah


Remember our home


Where our souls lived in peace


And always remember




This earth looks tight though large




 The sky looks close though far




The stars look dim though shinning




The moon looks shady though white




You feel lonely though people are around




You lose the taste of life




Go to the house of Allah


Go to al Masjid


Put your head on the ground


Open your heart


Surrender to Allah


And Let your soul fly back home


Where your soul lived before


And remember Eden


The garden of Allah


The land of peace & love


And let the lights


That comes from underneath the thrown flow into you


Let the lights enlighten your mind


And let the lights


Secure your soul & heart with eternal happiness




By Soumaya Mahmoud

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