Rain Drops



In a rainy day, I was walking along the Nile holding my umbrella. Then I heard a sound coming from the raindrops falling in the Nile. I stopped to listen to them.

The 1st raindrop asked the 2nd one: “where will you go?”
2nd raindrop answered: “I will go throw the Nile till I reach Mr. Adam's land then I’ll stop there to water it. Therefore, the plants can grow up. Then he can eat and sell it”

The 1st raindrop asked: “Do you think that Mr. Adam deserve you to water his plants?”
2nd raindrop answered: “yes, of course. Mr. Adam is a farmer. He tills the land and spreads the seeds. Then he takes care of the plant until it grows. In the end, he harvests the crops.”

The 1st raindrop asked: “What will happen if he didn’t make all that?”
2nd raindrop answered: “I’ll go also to his land. But nothing will happen and no plants will grow. So he won’t benefit from me.”        

The 1st raindrop said: “That means If he works, he will benefit from you. But if he doesn’t work, he will lose you.”
Then the 2nd raindrop said: “yes, that’s right. As you sow, so you will reap”

The End

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By Nouran Radwan


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