Whispers of the Soul_Wonders



On our way back to Eden

The road is long the support is limited

The effort is huge



The blessings are wondrous

 For those who can see the lights of heaven



 You sleep at night with a broken heart

And someone else somewhere is praying for you because of something nice you did to him

You gave him a piece of your self and he is giving it back

And you wake up unexpectedly relieved in the morning

Isn't this wondrous



You to go sleep one day and you are only five years old


Then you wake up one morning with your count seventy


And you find your children are becoming your parents


They take your hands everywhere

They protect you and show you love and care


Yet inspite of your weak body and role reversals


Your mind and heart are still generous


And still for them you are the guardian angel


By whom they were blessed

Isn’t this wondrous



Your heart beats wake up on a nice feeling of



And you discover that pain is a universal language


And you are not the center of the universe anymore


You are a part of a whole greatly organized truth

And even when you think you are alone


There are others on the same wavelength somewhere

On planet "life"


And all you have to do is wait till you meet them

Here or in heaven


And you can do that because planet "life" is not eternal

And planet "heaven" is eternal

So you can wait it is just a matter of time

Isn’t this wondrous


For those


Who can tell stories about the lights of the stars


That will shine one day in dark nights


And those who can laugh from their heart in spite of pain


And those who can take others hands even though they are crippled and weak


And for those who can live the joy of others sincerely

And wish them more joy


And for those whose hearts are built from kindness and giving


You are the blessings the most wondrous


You are the gift of Allah

And You are eternal




Your hearts and your souls were picked up from

The land of heaven

Isn’t this wondrous


By Soumaya  Mahmoud

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