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This is a story of a king who might die in a day or another. And all what he got a daughter and a son. His son was too young to be a king. So he wanted his girl to marry someone who can be trusted and he can lead the kingdom till the little son become a king.


The son of the eastern kingdom which they had ally with them offered to marry the king’s daughter but she refused to marry him. Then the son of minister offered to marry her from her father But she refused him also.


So her father became angry and asked: “Why don’t you want to marry from these respected people?”


She said: “I know that all what they want is the power because I am the king’s daughter so they don’t want to marry me and all what they want is keeping their hand on this kingdom.”


But there was another reason. She was in love with one of the palace Guards. This Guard didn't know that the daughter of the king loved him. She wanted him to go and ask her father to marry her. But how he may do something like that.


So she had a plan to do. This plan looks like the plan which made to the prophet Joseph (Yusuf) peace be upon him. She had to seduce him to make his heart blind. She thought that he may be like Joseph and he refuse her. But her servant convinced her that there’s no man like Joseph peace be upon him in these days. So she decided to give it a try.


She began to seduce him. She tried to make him blind to anything else except what he felt with his sensuality. He refused her at first. But her beauty was more much harder. He began to thought about her lovely face, the way she talks to him … etc. Her beauty was irresistible so she made him as a slave to her needs. She threw a piece of her scarf on his face with its fabulous smell. He was not responding to her wishes but he had a weak spirit to continue refusing her.


She realized that he wasn't like Joseph. He became a blind man. He went to her father and purposed to marry her. It was difficult to the king to agree but his daughter convinced him to approve him. She told him that he will be the best, and he is the only one she loved. She really loved him but she acted in a wrong way to get him.


The king accepted his daughter wish, because it might be her last wish in his life.

Days come after days and the king died. His son was still a boy who couldn’t rule this country. It was up to the Queen and her husband who was acting like the new king of the country.


The kingdom declared the war against the eastern kingdom which was in an alliance with them. The new king fall in new love with the sister of the king of the eastern kingdom. She made his heart beat again. She was sad for her father’s losing. Her brother led him to death by his foolish. Her sadness woke his heart to the fact of what he did to Innocent people …


His wife knew that the king was involved in affair with the king’s sister (The king who offered to marry her one day).The fight began, She tried to kill her But she couldn’t... she was too weak to do something like that.


She asked her husband: “why you did this to me and I love you? You won’t find any one loved you this much as I am.”


He became mad on her and he said:


“Love! What do you know about love?

Did you forget how we were married to each other?

Don’t you remember what you did to me? ”


“You turned me to an animal which seek its needs. You made me blind. I couldn't see or hear anything but you. You are the one who threw me your scarf. You ignored my feelings, my emotions, even my heart. You turned me to an animal to satisfy your needs. She was the only one who brought my heart back to life.”


Then she asked him why he didn’t refuse her if he knew what she did. But he had the answer He wasn’t like Joseph Peace Be Upon Him.


She stopped him in these words and she picked up a sword to kill him. But he was the man who knew what to do. He changed the sword direction towards her and he killed his wife. He thought that she deserved to die.


After a few days, He was killed by her brother who seek to revenge and the kingdom had a new king.




What is the point? What is that suppose to mean?


I know that we all believe that we are human who can do right and who can make mistakes. But when we have problem with someone, we believe that we are on the right side. And the other side is the absolute wrong.


We believe in respect other thoughts, other minds and other cultures. But sometimes we can change our perspective to proof that we are the right one and we won’t release our right even it is wrong or fake.



By Ayman Hafiz


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