A VIDEO of an Israeli soldier dance around a bound and blindfolded Palestinian women



A VIDEO of an Israeli soldier dance around a bound and blindfolded female person Palestinian captive had More than 36 000 viewings hits on YouTube with the regular army branding the commandos actions as shameful.


The clip screened on Monday on buck private Channel 10 television shows a enlisted person gyrating to a rhythmical drumbeat of an Arabic track as the adult female who is wearing a headscarf huddles against a wall her hands boundary in front end of her and her eyes boundary with a white fabric. The soldier who is erosion sunglasses and grinning broadly repeatedly brushes up stopping point to the woman who has a Hebrew address bubble approach out of her oral cavity reading Allahu Akbar Arabic for God is greatest.


Crudely captioned israeli enlisted person catch Arab terrorist he dance on haer funny story the cartridge holder lasts equitable over a minute. Vulnerability of the video came just six weeks after an Israeli soldier sparked widespread indignation by poster pictures of herself smile and larking around following to blindfold and handcuffed Palestinian prisoners. The army denounced those photographs as black piece the Palestinian Authority delineate them as humiliating.


But the first soldier could not understand why the images had caused so much offence. Rights groups said at the time that photographs were clear indication of a culture within the military machine that toughened Palestinians as objects rather than human being beings.



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