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Many questions could pop up on human's mind about life after death. you may ask is there proof of life after death? What is the Near Death Experience? 

The experience that we call life is tenaciously embraced by every human being. Memories, legacies, creative works and everything in the living experience suggests that it must go on. Enormous efforts medical and social are exerted to maintain and prolong life so that humans are healthier, mentally and physically.

But eventually all living creatures die, despite any and all efforts. Believers in a vast majority of religions subscribe to an after-life existence and an actual place where the eternal soul may reside. Preparations are made in the present for the future state, and to secure a good location.

The question of whether there is life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science, as science is concerned only with classification and analysis of sense data. Moreover, man has been busy with scientific inquiries and research, in the modern sense of the term, only for the last few centuries, while he has been familiar with the concept of life after death since time immemorial.

Is there a proof of life after Death?

1.    Concept of peace and human values is useless without the concept of hereafter.

2.    Whenever a human society is built on the basis of this belief, it has been the most ideal and peaceful society, free of social and moral evils.

3.    4)  Moral, aesthetic and rational faculties of man endorse the possibility of the life after death.

4.    All the Prophets of God have called their people to believe in it.

5.    God’s attributes of Justice and Mercy have no meaning if there is no life after death.

And now let's see some stories of near death experiences (From Website)

"It was another dreadfully cold and snowy Monday in Indianapolis; a town far away from home and a place I truly despised. I did not have family nearby and I was in a terrible marriage. On that November 15, 1993, the fear of cancer was added to my already, unsettled life and the only option was surgery.

As I woke up in the recovery room, I heard a voice telling me that there was no cancer. Shortly thereafter, I realized something was very wrong. There were many alarmed voices and fast moving bodies huddling over me. I was crying out, "WHAT IS WRONG?" yet no one would answer. I reached for someone, but my arms would not move. My vision failed me and I could only hear faint voices, the most prominent one stating, "Her blood pressure is dropping, oh my God, we are losing her, get the ventilator!" Panic began to overcome me and I screamed, "PLEASE, HELP ME!"

A beautiful, luminous light appeared. It was so pretty and peaceful looking. As I slowly walked towards the light, I could feel glorious warmth on my face. It made me feel content and happy for the first time in years and I wanted to stay there forever. However, I heard many noises behind me and turned back. I could see the doctors and nurses working on my lifeless body. At this point, going towards the light was so easy compared to my complicated life. Once again, I turned to walk into the light and this time I heard some familiar voices behind me. As I turned to look, I could hear my children crying, "Mommy, please don't leave us!" Both of them were reaching out for me. There was a beautiful light on one side and my children on the other, what to do?

The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and the light was replaced with a green wall. The voice I heard was a nurse telling me, "welcome back." I had been in a coma for three days.

This experience changed my life. I made many changes and now my children and I are very happy. Sometimes, I cannot believe I had to think about the choice of the light or my children, but I am thankful for the choice I made"

Another Story of near death experiences

"Hello. Well I remember going to the hospital and being carried in. I couldn't walk. I am young, but was feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. The doctors held me down while they put an IV in.

The next thing I remember I was standing next to the bed looking at my body. I could see myself and the doctors telling my boyfriend I almost had a heart attack. Apparently the drugs I did were laced with some type of gas. Someone didn't like me.

I turned around to see the rest of the room and saw my grandma. She told me it wasn't time yet and I keep saying it was time. I didn't want to be here anymore. Well she sent me back saying she will keep watch on me till it is time. So tell me if I kill myself will I still be in the afterlife peacefully"

 Someone told us an experience of her sister

"My sister had an attack of appendicitis. She was rushed to the hospital. While lying on the operating table, she floated out of body, looked at herself on the table and watched the doctors and nurses rush around trying to help her recover.

She considered in herself why they were making such a fuss because she was perfectly alright. She quickly tired of watching them and looked up. Her mind followed her gaze and she floated up to the ceiling, then she turned her gaze downward and saw everyone getting smaller and smaller. She felt a strong sense of levity. The thought occurred to her to go back down. She floated down and stood beside her body on the operating table. People were working right through her.

Then she considered leaving and took a walk out of the operating room, and roamed the halls for a few minutes. She did not tell me that she remembered getting back into her body."


And Now What Is Your Opinion, Do You Believe In Life After Death?


By Nouran Radwan




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