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I am a Muslim and an Arab young man. Some people did not look at our good features, and only show Bad Things…


If you look once again to our family, our Nation, and Our world of Arab, you will find good Habits and Traditions that No one does all over the world. Here are some examples that reveal what I'm talking about:


Once upon a time, I was heading with my friend to the metro station, then we suddenly found a person telling us that he wants one pound to buy a ticket then my friend gave him without any problems and he didn't ask him to get his money back, may be in other countries, this may not happen.


Another thing, when we see an old person; we offer him help like carrying heavy things, letting him sit instead of us in the different means of transportation, and sometimes we address him by Father.


Only I want to say that we are kind people.

We love peace because it is our religion.

We are funny some times but serious at the times we should be.

We do not like to lie because it is one of our basics to be a Muslim …


Finally, I thank Allah to be a Muslim and an Arabian.


Thanks and best regards,



By Ramy Ali

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  • star       Arab and Muslim

    Thank you for ur nice article.
  • Nouran       Nice

    simple sentences have great meanings

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