Worship or Customs

Everyone know that every nation through all time have a special customs and traditions. This customs were reflected nature of this people and how they lived. Their customs were show their beliefs and thoughts. So, this customs become a symbol of those nations and their people. Also, customs can change through generation to another, in accordance with current culture. The Arabian customs were so special because Islam changed customs to the best; it was showed the Arabian stories.

The difference between worship and customs

Worship: it's an order by our god and can't be changed or deleted like pray or fast, but customs may be modified or deleted like free sex it's forbidden after Islam.

And these are some customs and traditions of Arabians and Muslims read it carefully and show if Muslim or Arabian illiberal, barbarian 

Customs: After we know the meaning of Worship we should know what is custom. Customs mean national folklore which transform from generation to another without attention to its concept, we habit to do it, as our grandparents.

These customs should not be taken from our religion but it should be taken from our surrounded environment. Such as ways of feeding every one imitate what he finds in his environment resources. For more details, ways of building in Japan relate to the nature of country so, we see Japanese house different from any country. But it does not relate to their religious beliefs.  

As an Example for Before Islam customs

One of this customs which reflects how Arabs were cultured "it is poetry and poet. They were to come together in one place they called it "Okaz market" every year to make a competitions on poetry. It was a big market come to it many people from all countries. This a place where the poet was to report to their poems and people can to listen to their poems. There are a famous poems it's called "ELmoalakat". It is a very long poem which was hung on the wall of "Al Kaba" at "Mecca". These poems were seven and in another narration were ten. The poet of this poems were the best, two of them are: Antara Ben Shdad and Torfa Ben Al abd .

Another custom
is their interest in raising the horses. This custom is become a special feature of Arabs .This custom still connected to Arabs until now. That because the Arabian. Horses have a special position from all the horses of the world. This is not all the Arabian customs; it is just some of them. This customs were before appearance of Islam. But these customs is still standing until now.

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