“Laura Miller” Conversion to Islam


Many people around the world convert daily to Islam. They start by studying Islam and learning Arabic, so that they reach the truth.


“Laura Miller” an American citizen who was Jewish. She converted to Islam on February 2007 after studying it carefully. She had started learning Arabic and studying Islam before she travelled to Egypt with her Egyptian friends. During her visit to Egypt her decision to embrace Islam became strong, then, she asked her friends how she could convert to Islam, her friends explained to her that she should perform ‘Al-Ghusl’ which is a total wash of the body according to the Islamic instructions, then she should state ‘the

Shahada’:  ‘There is no god except Allah (swt), and Muhammad (saaw) is the messenger of Allah’


Afterwards 'Laura' embraced Islam and she entirely changed. She stopped drinking, dancing, and going to the clubs. She also started wearing long clothes to cover her body.


But this young girl found a great refusal from her Jewish family, who hated seeing her embracing Islam. Her father said:


“I would be good if you converted to any different religion than you convert to Islam’.


But ‘Laura’ insisted and chose Islam as her new religion. She made all her efforts to emphasize to their family that Islam is the religion of peace, and Muslims are the peaceful mankind.


She answered them:

“Now I have been Muslim since February 2007 did you see any bad changes to me. Am I a crazy terrorist?!  I am a normal citizen…


This statement shows how this girl embraced Islam with great conviction and contentment, and how she suffered facing her family who thought that she betrayed them and their culture. She stands against them because she is convinced that Islam is the right way to please Allah (swt) and his messenger Muhammad (saaw).






By Youssef KHANNOU


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