Islam, Islamophobia and Muslims



Islamophobia is a term which appears after 9/11 and means the extreme fearing from anything and anyone relates to ISLAM. Till now and after 10 years some of those who know nothing about Islam in the west see Muslims as extremists, terrorists, violent and strange creatures. And they should be kicked of their countries (although some of the Muslims who live in the west are native citizens) but it is the ISLAMOPHOBIA…..Of course there are reasons for this phobia from Islam and here are many:




1- MEDIA:  the western media shaped Islam and his Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a source of terrorism, oppression, injustice, cruelty ….etc., so now the one who attacks Islam by words or actions becomes a super star in the western media and those who try to say something fair though not Muslims, they are to be oppressed.


2- Converting Islam: actually this is another reason for the Islamophobia, after 9/11 people around the world began to ask what Islam is? Who is Muhammad? And what is this religion of terrorism? They know the truth and the real beauty of Islam so orderly the number of Muslims began to increase specially in Europe, Muslims have increased by over 235 percentage in the last few years and especially after 9/11 .According to


3- Muslims themselves: if we want to remove the Islamophobia and misunderstanding Islam from those who fears Islam, we need to be a good example to our religion and the morals of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). we need to consider ourselves ambassadors to our Islam and we need to stop talking about Islam and treat with people as good Muslims …one of the new Muslims once said (directing the speech to Muslims): "stop talking about the greatness of Islam and be great Muslims". some people specially those who live in the west do not think that they are like portraits to Islam and should always be good examples, to deal nicely with people, to respect the laws of the countries, to do your duties and ask for your rights and to show the ethics of Islam and Prophet Muhammad who taught the Muslims how to deal with non Muslims.


The inspiring characters for each Muslim should be Prophet Muhammad who taught us how to deal with non Muslims. In the first days of Islam in Mecca, the people did not believe Muhammad (PBUH), and they were hurting him, throwing the rubbish in front of his house, putting dirty things on his back while praying, plotting to kill him, accusing him with madness or being a magician, so what was his reaction? Actually nothing he did nothing to them but praying to Allah to guide his people to the right path because they did not know the reality of Islam. So it is the same problem those who do not know about Islam can do anything to approve that you are wrong, so it is our role to approve the reality of Islam like the Prophet did with the good morals and kind treatment with people.


Finally it is our duty now as Muslims to make the world knows who are Muslims? And what is Islam? Be proud and tell the whole world "WE ARE MUSLIMS" by our good deeds, by our works, not by our words, by our mercy, politeness, kindness, justice and mercy to all mankind.


By Asmaa Mahmoud

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