Allah SWT my Benevolent Love





I yearn for love all my life, at least a lifelong best friend to be with me. I thought, I didn’t have one, until I realize;


When love rejected me,

Allah SWT asked me to come home back to him.

He appreciated me for what He had created in me.


When I was chasing after ambitions,

Allah SWT guided me, making it easier and at times blocking it.

He knows what is best for me and protects my best interest.


When I was in despair, foolishly arguing with Allah SWT,

No wrath did Allah SWT inflict on me.

Instead Allah SWT accompanied me in silence thru my foolish episodes.

Allah SWT tucked me in slumber after the outburst, removing some pains, some memories, enveloping me in tranquility while He heals. He respects my needs and keeps me company.


Often when tears stream down my cheeks; when I seek desperately to Allah SWT, Allah SWT always cheers my heart. He is my unsung hero (the hero behind the scene that is not known), who gives and gives, cares, protects, respects and loves me unconditionally.


At times some people are not possible to meet. Some would not spare time for me, here is Allah SWT, Malik Ul Mulk, Ruler of the Universe, granting me audience, time and all that are benevolent. Who else could be more than Allah SWT? His Majesty the Sovereign King commits 5 times a day to be there for me in Salaat ( Muslims' 5 prayers), unlimited in Sunat Salaat (additional prayers not the 5 compulsory ones), supplications and to every cry, call and plea. He is closer to me than my Jugular vein.


My eyes couldn’t see, until He unveiled His love to my heart. Allah SWT blessed me to take notice of His most perfect love for all His creation. Truly for you and me He is dedicated and benevolent. Allah SWT is the most perfect love eternally. Never did or will there be one who walk in this world alone, unnoticed for everyone has the most perfect eternal love. Appreciating and loving us every second of our existence…...intangible it might be but the most beautiful essence that Intangibility could pride itself to reflect.


Allah, please keep us safe in your blessings, love and contentment upon us here and hereafter. Please keep us in submission, love and always ecstatically contented with You and Your will upon us. You bless us only with what is best for us, – Syukur alhamdullilah Ya Allah, thank you for all your blessing upon us here and hereafter Ya Allah.



By Qudsiyah Abdul Rahman

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